Thursday, September 28, 2006

Decided to practice drawing sexy ladies today, started off copying some john k type stuff then drew some from life. These are all from life. (well... pictures) except the one with the sexy booty, that was copied from Stefanie Achtnig. and the chained up girl is from a gustave dore painting.

Been drawing faces the past few days, some are from life some are from my head and some are copied from other artists.... mostly the girls faces are copied as i'm crap at drawing women.

Some of my gesture drawing from last year.. mostly drawn from newspapers and magazines.

Haven't looked at these in a while, pulled them out for my folio and was quite impressed with myself! especially the top one.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Key note speaker!... random character who I might add to a film idea i've got. Basic idea is that he can produce a note in the shape of a key which will open doors. Very handy!

Jimi Hendrix watercolour painting with digital manipulation/background.

Here are the first few scenes boarded. I may change the intro to break up the static camera because it's sat not moving for quite some time. However it may help to put across the feeling of serenity and peacefullness on the island.

Friday, September 22, 2006

I have been working on a film idea to pitch to Channel 4. I recently sent it off to their Mesh scheme which funds 6 people each year to produce a 3-5 min animated short. They are showing last years films on tv at the moment. I'll post some of the concept art and the storyboard up here.

The Island Synopsis:
The film takes place on a planet that has just one island, and two inhabitants. a cave man and his pet goat. They live peacefully until a meteor lands and takes over their lives. They believe it to be a vessel from god and worship it. In the process they use up all the wood on the island and end up in despair and war. (very simply put!)

These are the two main characters from my graduation film "Two Old Bachelors". You can see it on

I was lookin through some of my old sketches from the paper/magazines and stuff and found this bull... and decided to paint it in photoshop.

Random cat thing in flash... looks kinda like rex the runt i guess. Was just doodlin

Since I finished Uni I have been visiting my local zoo (Dudley) fairly regularly to get myself drawing and bulk up my folio. I haven't done nearly enough life drawing and it's amazing how frustrating it is to begin with.