Friday, November 24, 2006

....The Wide-Boy sofa, and the Stoner/hippy fireplace. I particularly like the boy racer sofa with his bonnet/cushion stripes and neon under-lighting. So there are a few more characters I've yet to draw and I'm unsure wether to reveal the plot of the movie as some scumbag might steal it, but rest assured its one of the craziest and most controversial plot lines a film with talking furniture could possibly have. Watch this space for updates!

Various characters for a film idea I'm developing with my mate Olly... The idea came about after watching the new superman movie at the cinema. We went for a drink after and were talking about how incredibly lame it was. At some point we said, "We could make a better film than that!" which quickly turned into spouting crazy ludicrous ideas. We were sat on some sofa's and noticed there was a face in the creases of the sofa opposite us. This sparked the idea of furniture coming to life. Anyway over a couple of pints we came up with various characters that could populate this film. The Gothic non-conformist chair with clawed feet and painted toe-nails, the ironing board who dreams of becoming a surf board, the grandma reclining armchair and the grandad pouffe, the foul mouthed toilet.......

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Quick concept for a series idea I have, I posted the character sheets earlier. The basic concept is that the kid has an accident and hits his head.. He wakes up in hospital to find a disembodied floating brain hovering over him. It is his sub-conscious and it has access to all the knowledge he's ever aquired. Wether he knew about it or not. All of societies luminaries have these brain pals who help them into high flying positions however some use there new found power for evil. The thought patrol are an organisation that moniter global hyper consciousness and tag all the brains in the world.

Been studying Gustave Dore recently... bought Dante's Divine Comedy which has hundreds of illustrations by Dore. In the absence of a life drawing class this is the next best thing.

Monday, November 13, 2006

I've just posted a cartoon at newgrounds.. bit rediculous really, but hopefully amusing.
I'm planning a series of these.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Last one of these for a while... It's fun just sketching randon things into a book. Not all of them turn out so well but I cleaned up and coloured the ones I liked in flash. These should be a good addition to my portfolio, and give me some characters to use in the projects I'm developing.
More Characters... My faves off this are the giraffe, rabbit dude and the reindeer

More randomness, I'm gonna use the evil lookin guy on the left in a film idea i'm developing. More on that later!
Various animals, I really like the bird thing with the strap on beak... and the cat is really cool, I like the wavy style to it. Very much influenced by Rex Hackelberg
I might use the cat and bird in an idea i've got... I'll story board it soon.
Some realistic type drawings.. the ice cream one is my fave.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

And more, Squiddy's, tightrope penguin, hunchback, the colnel, ninja, and scary mask dude

More random characeters, another demon cat not as cool as the other but I like it's tail. A fly, a rasta ant? A crazy plant pod thing, and the evil kiddies death and lucifer both dressed in onesies(how cute is the bow-tie?)

Random character sheet, I love the sensai guy cos you know he's about to go sick on that flying robot thing! Very creepy devil cat, octopus with two tentacles (looks like he lost the others in a knife fight down the pub). strange pink thing, and slimy slug-rhino ma bobby.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Browsing through some stuff I did a couple of months back.. thought this was quite cool.

I've been asked by my uncle to do some cartoons for a calendar. It's for the Green Dragon bus service that runs around Wales. Basically it's a bus that will pick people up from their house.