Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bedwitchery Poster

I offered to do a free poster design for a local amateur dramatic society. Since I've been getting the watercolours out recently I decided to use them for this aswell. I thought it came out quite nicely and a bit more proffesional than their previous posters. Unfortunately they decided to go with another design so that's what I get for being charitable! In the end I think they just grabbed an image from Google image search and pasted their own info underneath it which I wanted no part of as it is obviously infringing someone's copyright! I guess since they are not really doing it for profit they can get away with it to some extent but I still can't understand why they didn't go for this poster.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Humphrey's Corner
Humphrey's corner by Sally Hunter is a mini business empire based around these little elephant characters she based on her own family. They started off as greetings cards and have been licensed into books, clothing, furniture and everything else imaginable. Quite an inspiring story for independent artists. Anyway I did these art tests for a portfolio submission to the company when they were hiring illustrators. I was unsucessful but I'm quite pleased with how the watercolours (above) and digital watercolours (below) came out.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Website Design
www.dougwilson.co.uk has had a re-design recently. The site has been constantly evolving from the moment I launched it but this is the most substantial change I've made. I wanted to add a bit more personality to the design. I've made the menu bar quite playful and amusing and hopefully having that same link panel across the whole site makes navigation a little simpler.
I also wanted to add hand written notes explaining a little more about what I am trying to do with the site and it's contents. I wanted to back-up the handmade, personal aspect of my work in the design. The idea for the blurb on the homepage came after listening a TED talk by Simon Sineck on how great leaders inspire action. A very interesting lecture.