Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just outside my bedroom window is this baking hot red roof which is home to a couple of lizard fellas.... I will have to try to tame them and give them some food.

Fete Nationale today which means a day off! Its damn nice lazing around this garden.

This was my room for a couple of weeks while I searched for a permanent place, the people I was staying with were very musical and lent me a guitar which was great....

This is my new place which I will be sharing with two girls.... It seems very nice so far and has a cool little garden and patio area, no guitar tho! I'm actually getting withdrawal symptoms.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

So thats about it for my first days wandering.... I've been here for about 2 weeks and haven't photographed anything since! Far too busy working.

The guys head in this pic is Herge, the creator of tintin... or so i'm told.
The town hall
The museum.
Stained glass window in the museum.
Painting in the museum.

Still from my first days walk..... it was a hell of a walk I kid you not.

For someone like me who loves grafitti this town is amazing... the french just seem to have art and comics and animation in every part of their lives. Fantastic

The Charente river, some buildings and views near where I work. The building with the blue door is 2d3d animations where I'm currently animating on Rocket Joe!

These pics are from my first weekend in Angouleme just wandering around the city and looking at all the amazing artwork that is just all over the place... It is the second biggest animation city in France, second only to Paris and its a very small place to rank so highly on the animation map. Very bizzare.