Saturday, September 27, 2008

Subjugated (working title)
Definition - subjugated adj : reduced to submission

Quick character lineup.

Just trying to get the hang of drawing the characters and tying down the structure. I want to keep quite a loose feeling to it though, I've been reading a lot of things on John K's blog about individual style showing through in animation and that is definitely what I love about 2d. The Simpsons had some great animation in the first few series before they "figured out how to draw the characters" and then lost all creativity and spontinaity.

I don't want to give out much info on this at the mo, it's more so that I can show my friends who will help me on the idea. Hopefully will start production on this as a short film in January, with the plan to make several films in a series if there is sufficient interest in it at festivals and on the net etc.

Some pose sheets for a character I've been working on. This is stuff from a while back, been re-working the film idea the last week or two. Will post up the newer stuff soon.