Friday, May 15, 2009

Comics Roundup
K-9Lives - The comic is back and running after the hiatus and things are going well. With the animated short going round festivals it is advertising the comic around the country. Last week I came up with a topical Swine Flu story that fitted in nicely with the theme. The Dog goes to Mexico to try to infect the Cat with flu... Ending with the CDC tracking them down, and an underground resistance group of pigs who've joined forces with refugees of the bird flu and BSE epidemics who defend them from the CDC patrol!

Bloodwhat? - My new comic, at it's core is a parody of an 80's dungeon adventure game, but it will go further than that and I will develop the world and characters into unique stories and situations. With 13 strips up so far it is early days but this is going strong and I have a good buffer built up so I should be able to keep the updates regular.

The Von Spleen Experiment - This is very early days in production... I was developing this as an animated short but the story kept growing and growing and ended up being beyond my ability to produce independently at the moment. So I am translating the thumbnailed story skectches into full comic pages. The hope is that I can generate interest in the story and characters through the comic first, eventually print a book and then see whether an animation would be viable afterwards.

And with all these projects going, I am now slightly burned out... I need to go out and have a beer, chill out and re-charge the batteries so I can get going on all these projects.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

At the weekend I made it down to the Worthing End of the Pier International Film Festival to see my film K-9Lives play. It was a really nice fest and the people I met were extremely nice, helpful and encouraging. Thanks to Roz and Linda for their kind words and for selecting my film for the competition. Go see to see what pipped me for best animation... Concragts to Carl Medland for winning an award for his film My Beauty. There were some really good films so it was just an honour to be screened. Unfortunately I couldn't make it to the awards ceremony but I recommend the fest for next year, and hope to have another film there!