Friday, December 19, 2008

Quick break from the animation, I've found some old pen drawing's I did.... This one was a cariacature of some guy. Thought I'd slap some colours on and make a series of these.
On another note, I was thinking about something yesterday.... In animation we tend to get bogged down in doing exercises, I don't know if this applies to other artform's but when your learning you do the bouncing balls, flour sacks, walk cycles, dialogue shots etc to learn and improve. I think a lot of people in animation are forgetting to break out of this routine though. People spend years animating to dialogue from films and tv shows, but that doesn't show anything outside the skill of animation. I have done the very same thing but at the end of the day I feel the need to create something original that will stand on it's own.... It's a matter of working within your own limitations. You have to accept the level you are at and create something using the skills you already have. And ultimately by doing this (in my case a film) you will learn and improve in the process and when you are done you will have something that can both showcase your skills and hopefully entertain.

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