Tuesday, January 13, 2009

K-9Lives Episode1 is now fully completed, it took near enough a month to finish. I'm just sending it off to every animation and short film festival I can find at the moment. Hopefully it will find an audience somewhere and I will be able to make more episodes.

One comment I got from my brother after watching the film was that it reminded him of 70's children's cartoons.... I hadn't really thought about the audience when making it, I just knew I wanted to see it, but I suppose it would play well to children.... although in today's climate of censorship and protecting children from even mildly edgy content it might not find a home on the bbc! I take the comment as high praise indeed because that era of british children's television is widely regarded as a golden age because of the inventive and unrestrained creative mind's at work. Those 70's creators are a definite influence on my work partly due to their independant spirit many of them making films in their garden sheds! Just shows what can be achieved without the help of millions of pounds and big corporations. In fact that should be obvious really.... what IS amazing is that someone like Pixar can make such great films in SPITE of the millions of pounds and big corporations.

If you are interested in the film you can find the Press Kit on my website www.dougwilson.co.uk containing stills from the film, synopsis, director's bio, filmography etc.

I will keep the blog and website updated with any festival screenings and where you may be able to see the film in the future.

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