Tuesday, February 24, 2009

5. Refined. More reference for parts that I wasn't happy with, elongated for a longer vertical pan. Experimenting with colour in photoshop.

4. Colour. Inked up a version based on the previous sketch, and coloured digitally.

3. Rough sketch. Looked at photographic reference for various elements to get more depth to the piece. Developed the composition a bit further.

2. Developed thumbnail. I've been looking at forced and extreme perspectives and I tried to incorporate that into the composition. Thinking about a possible camera move around the scene too.

1. Initial thumbnail: I knew I wanted a street with a doctors surgery sign. Town in the distance. The road was going to be very hilly here.
I wanted to give an idea of the process for this piece. I'm working on backgrounds for my new film project, it starts out with rough little thumbnails that are really not very good..... then I think about the composition and elements that I want or don't want. Then I take a look at some reference photo's, etc. Gradually it develops into something quite interesting.

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