Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Freelance Animator/Illustrator/Comic Artist

I have been freelancing in multiple areas for sometime now. A lot of my time is spent working on independent projects that will hopefully generate enough interest in my work to give people a reason to hire me to do work on their projects. So far I've found I am forever making plans for things that don't happen. It can be incredibly frustrating but the advice given from people who have succeeded in most art related subjects is always "Never Give Up!" So I continue to apply, email, and generally badger people relentlessly. I currently have about 4-5 possible freelance jobs in the pipeline and they are all on hold for various reasons.
Anyway I thought I would put down a blog post detailing what I do in the hopes that someone out there has a use for me! Please get in touch if you have any work that might benefit from the below skillset. http://www.dougwilson.co.uk/ dougwilson83(at)hotmail(dot)com.

Freelance Animation
This is my Animation Show Reel, I have experience working in Maya, 3DSMax and Toon Boom on Film, TV and Independently Directed projects.

Freelance Illustration

Cartoon illustration using Photoshop, Illustrator, or good old Pen, Ink and Markers. I can also provide character design, and background design.

Comic Artist

I have spent the last 2-3 years writing, drawing and self publishing independent comic stories.

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