Thursday, September 29, 2011

Building worlds

I've been thinking a lot about what I want to put into my next comic strip project. I’ve found a lot of my work has been a little too left-field and weird and consequently hasn’t really connected with many people.

So in my new project I’ve been trying to build a story around real life events/characters. Not totally a journal comic because I will stray pretty far from reality at times but I am trying to write about things I have experienced and witnessed.

I’ve noticed that the true stories I’ve written out both in comic and text have gotten a much better response than anything else I’ve worked on and I’m keen to see if I can harness that kind of writing into a comic strip.

It is interesting trying to figure out how far to abstract the reality. I was talking it through with my girlfriend and she pointed out that I was getting too high brow with an idea (a character with multiple personality disorder) and I realised that I need to keep the overall idea quite basic so that I can apply any and all events/situations onto the characters. I still think I can use that idea down the road as a storyline but it doesn’t need to be a main character trait. The basic characters need to be simpler so they can fit into any story I give them.

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